IgG Blood Test

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  • -diagnosed with MS in 2006, but hasn’t felt well since 2001.
  • -has a biochemistry background and has always been exploring supplements and other ways of healing the body.
  • -September, 2013 – blood tests > See image
  • -November, 2014, discovered the wonders of anti-inflammation eating.
  • -loves coffee, med-light roast, brewed strongly, and still puts cream in his daily brew.


  • -drinks tea and struggles to keep her blood sugar balanced. Spin instructor, artist and communications manager.

Why this blog?

We have found great success with this eating plan and have had a lot of questions about it. This is a venue to help answer questions and share information.

The premis? YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary. This worked for us, but may not be 100% successful for you.

Why this worked for us?

-Eating according to inflammation reaction (blood tests mentioned above) plus the big three – ginger, turmeric and cinnamon – this was the ticket for us.
-Why dining up? We live on the top level of our home and Deanna’s parents live on the main level. Tim is chef to the household and thus the upstairs diner. UP is also a combination of our two surnames – Underwood and Pigeau. It’s also taking it “up” a notch! Ha!