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Kitchen Organization

Changing your way of eating requires the addition of new and different dry ingredients to your kitchen cupboards.

The best way to do this is to plan a kitchen clean-out and clean-up! If cupboard organization is not your thing, find a friend for whom this is a great joy. You must know someone who thinks that a label machine is the best invention on earth and loves to put things in containers and add a label!!

organized kitchen

You don’t need all tupperware containers or containers that match or are the same size. The key is labels that allow you to identify the contents and easy access to the vessels that you require when cooking.

A few suggestions for storing dried goods:

  • Cut out the cooking instructions from the side of the package and put them into the container or tape to the side (rice water quantities and cooking time, for example)
  • Glass mason jars work great for storage – buy a flat of them for a good price
  • Try different kinds of rice or lentils! At one point, we had green, brown, blue, red, and yellow lentils in our cupboard!
  • Take items that you do not regularly use and put them in a cupboard away from the everyday section.
  • If your package of an item doesn’t fit into the container, put the extras in another area and from time to time, fill the containers. Don’t clutter up the top of a container with a part bag of the remainder. This makes the area less appealing to use.
  • Store your spices in an area that is easy to access and identify. Sort through them regularly and update any that appear stale or have lost their flavour.
  • Make sure the space works for the person doing the most of cooking. You want useable space for maximum efficiency!

Any kitchen gadgets that we don’t use regularly are removed from counters. Now that we aren’t eating any toast, we don’t need the toaster oven. We can easily remove it from a cupboard if guests are over. I was making almond flour pancakes regularly and so we had the electric frying pan within easy reach. I got away from making those and now the juicer has taken the place of the pan.

Create a binder or area for new recipes and make them easy to locate and use. A bad habit of mine is to stick new recipes that I want to try in with the everyday. Keep them separate! You want your old faithfuls easy to access.
Do you have other suggestions of kitchen organization that has worked well for you?

Fall Community Dump

Our Journey

Fall Community Dump

Stumbled on the discovery of this new menu by doing a cleanse and then feeling better the second day! Deanna and Tim did this 10 day cleanse that involved fewer carbohydrates, more ginger and turmeric i.e. ayurvedic Fall community dump c/o Sara Bradford