What I Wish I Knew 10 Yrs Ago

healthy eating

What I Wish I Knew 10 Yrs Ago

healthy eatingIf I knew what I know now 10 years ago, I would focus more on diet that I did! I have been reading recently in the journals about metabolic triggers for MS: fat and sugar metabolism. There has been the Swank diet and more recently the Wahl’s protocol and I am starting see more and more validity in portions of them.

– Vitamins, supplements – I have had my blood tested for VB12 and VD and both were low and have been monitored ..VitD I need to take 10,000IU per day to get my levels! CoQ10 60mg per day has shown benefit. Fish oils. Melatonin helps me sleep (because I have deficiency, doesn’t if you don’t) . I also take thyroid supplementation.
– Helpful drugs – drugs that help my neuropathic pain and depression – Cymbalta, but doesn’t work for everyone. I take daily Copaxone. The Avonex I was on for a few months knocked my thyroid
– Dr Annello-Dr. Reid -Out of Cambridge. Definitely my lifeline in all of this super helpful addition. Natural health and Dr so can get scripts and blood work as needed.
– Anti-Inflammation diet – Just learning more about this and it has removed my symptoms almost entirely this past 1.5 month. Eating more vegetables, much fewer carbs, turmeric, ginger…lots more can be said on this
– Exercise – trying to make it more a priority, shown to be helpful in all studies I read.. to do what you can when you can

-The blood testĀ for food sensitivities; IgG test and it is pure brilliance.

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