Four Reasons To Eat Salads

Eat Salads

Four Reasons To Eat Salads

1. Eat Salads for the Fiber

This fiber is for good colon health as well as a healthy microbiome that we are just learning how it benefits overall health in every part of the body.

2. Eat Salads for the Antioxidants and Vitamins

There are vitamins and antioxidants we can’t really get any other way, plus there may be other nutrients we have not yet learned about. A healthy variety of greens and vegetables.

3. Eat Salads to Lower Calories

There are fewer calories and you can bulk up by eating more.

4. Eat Salads for Good Fats

You can add fruit to your salad like avocados or at seeds and nuts or olive oil based dressing to make it nutritious and interesting.

Just do it!

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