Healthy Airplane Travel


Healthy Airplane Travel

Our recent trip to Phoenix meant that we had a full day of travel and limited access to healthy foods.

On a side note, I did find some uber healthy options at Chicago O’Hare, but you can never count on finding good food when you need it.

Here’s what I did to ensure that we were well nourished:

Before we left, we had a substantial breakfast of rice and some lentil stew. Tim is not an early morning eater, so he packed his in a take-out container and munched on it during the line-up to check our luggage.


I packed snack bars, protein powder (it felt like our day was sponsored by the BC company) and an empty shaker cup. We purchased water in the airport and drank as much water as we could throughout the day. When we got hungry, the stewardess on the plane was kind enough to fill the shaker bottles half way with water and we added our powder ( and had an instant meal. Tim had mixed berry and I tried the chai vanilla. I think my current VEGA favourite is the coconut almond. Yummy.

At the Chicago airport, we had enough time to grab a coffee, tea, more water and a burrito bowl.

Burrito bowl

Burrito bowls are my latest and greatest fast food find. No wheat or corn wrap is required and you add what you want to the bowl. Rice, beans, guacamole, grilled veggies, meat or no meat, salsa, etc. etc. It’s a great option.

On the final leg of the journey, I pulled out the chocolate covered sacha inchi seeds ( and the mixed nuts and chocolate and sea salt bar. (  We ate these with the beverages offered by the stewardess. A little chocolate helps the journey. 🙂 The saviseeds are palatable only with chocolate in our opinion. They are powerful little units, but a bit of an acquired taste.

Home at last (we had some delays in Chicago – what a surprise) and we went out for dinner with the folks. I had pickerel and mixed vegetables and Tim had steak, shrimp and mixed vegetables.
We felt well nourished and full the entire day. Yeah for planning ahead and not buying expensive and non-nutritious food!

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