Dr. Michael Reid, ND – we’ve tried a number of practitioners over the years and Mike has been the most help to us.  He’s a great guy and knows his stuff. His wife Som (ND, too) and their receptionist Karen are also awesome. Let them know we sent you their way!

All Things Tea – Susie, the owner, knows her spices and her teas. If you are looking to reduce inflammation in a daily brew, she can help you with a mix of pau d’arco tea and dehydrated ginger.

VEGA – We use their protein powders (pea protein) and snack bars exclusively. We like that we can identify the ingredients by name and love to support a Canadian company. Sign up for their emails and watch for deals on your favourite products. Order enough to get free shipping on your products.

Never Enough Thyme – The owner, Dierre, has been kind enough to make some of our recipes. Get in touch with her to find out how you can get some of our favourite recipes made for you!

Blendtec – We waited awhile to get the best blender around, but we don’t regret it. We found a deal at Costco. It allows us to make our own almond butter, almond flour, almond milk, and smoothies galore. It does a great job blending soups and whipped cream is a breeze. My only regret is that we didn’t buy it sooner. We did the research and determined that this was the best blender for us. We really like the little Twister Jar that is an add on.

Dana Shortt Gourmet – Our source for amazing olive oils and vinegars. It is fun to have creative bean salads and salad dressings using Dana’s great products. I will often put the balsamic in my Soda Stream water.

Soda Stream – We like bubbly water, but refuse to buy bottled water. Enter Soda Stream. We don’t use it much in the winter, but we pretty much use it daily once the weather warms up. Lemons, lime, balsamic – it all goes in. The challenge for this summer will be to come up with a great ginger lemon honey mix. Stay tuned!

Goodness Me – A new health food store to this area. We’ve found fresh tumeric there and I have been buying it almost weekly. They have a great online service if you don’t have a decent health food store in your area.